things i learn while packing

Over the past week, I have done a lot of packing.  And unpacking, repacking, and moving.  I finished the last final exams I will take at Virginia Tech as an undergrad student, moved out of my apartment there, went to my parents’ house, repacked my stuff, and then moved to Wilmington, NC for a summer internship.  In the midst of that process, I learned the following:

  • There is a mouse hole that leads into some of the drawers in my college apartment’s kitchen.  (It’s an old apartment.)  An unknown number of mice apparently ate an entire refill-size bag of chocolate-covered cinnamon Altoids that was sitting in one of the kitchen drawers near that hole.  That was a bag meant to refill three or four Altoids containers.
  • I am bad at packing light.  I blame that at least partially on diabetes supplies; what’s one more box of books or clothes when I already have at least three boxes dedicated to my collection of Omnipod pods, Dexcom sensors, and emergency pump backup supplies?
  • Not that diabetes is always something to complain about.  When packing to move out of my college apartment, my blood sugar went low.  I had a few cupcakes left from when I bought a bunch of random stuff at the dining halls to use the rest of my meal plan, so I ate a red velvet cupcake (this one:  I did not bolus for that cupcake at all, because packing = a lot of exercise and Laura’s non-athleticism + strenuous packing-cise = more lows.  Post-cupcake, my blood sugar rose slowly and hovered around 150 mg/dL for a few hours.  150 may not be the best blood sugar I’ve ever had, but having that kind of blood sugar stability at a decent BG level during exercise?  From eating a delicious cupcake with cream cheese icing?  Yes please.
  • The rest of my non-light-packingness probably comes from thoughts such as “what if I need this random thing that I haven’t used for three months?” or “I should bring this textbook that I used freshman year and have not referenced since because I might need it and because I enjoy transporting heavy things.”  Thank you, people who talk me out of bringing unnecessary stuff.  You know who you are.
  • Emptying the fridge and freezer before leaving is hard, especially since the cold food items won’t survive in a car for 5 hours of driving.  I do not happen to own a cooler large enough to keep all of my cold food cold. Thank you, amazing college roomie, for not minding too much that I left a bunch of stuff in the freezer.  Enjoy the frozen bite-sized quiches!
I am now hungry.  Thankfully, I’m about to go to dinner with some of my fellow summer intern colleagues.  Bring on the burgers!  (and boluses.)


first post ever! next up, finals.

Hi!  This blog looks boring right now, unless you’re looking at archives and there are newer posts.  For those of you looking at archives, you have found my first post ever on this blog.

I’m an undergrad college student studying mechanical engineering, and I have three final exams left before this semester is over.  I’m starting this blog now so I don’t lose my enthusiasm for chronicling life’s adventures in the midst of next week’s chaos. Finals, packing, moving out of my college apartment, and starting my summer internship, all within seven days.  So at least until finals are over, this post will be lonely.  Feel free to comment to make it less lonely.

A quick preview of what I’m hoping to write about here:

  • Studying abroad in Germany, starting in August of this year
  • Life as a diabetic, which can be both frustrating and amusing
  • Updates on geeky/nerdy projects I undertake
  • Other things

…I think I’ve done enough procrastinating for the moment.  Off to study!

EDIT May 11, 2011:  Hey, WordPress does have bulleted lists!