first post ever! next up, finals.

Hi!  This blog looks boring right now, unless you’re looking at archives and there are newer posts.  For those of you looking at archives, you have found my first post ever on this blog.

I’m an undergrad college student studying mechanical engineering, and I have three final exams left before this semester is over.  I’m starting this blog now so I don’t lose my enthusiasm for chronicling life’s adventures in the midst of next week’s chaos. Finals, packing, moving out of my college apartment, and starting my summer internship, all within seven days.  So at least until finals are over, this post will be lonely.  Feel free to comment to make it less lonely.

A quick preview of what I’m hoping to write about here:

  • Studying abroad in Germany, starting in August of this year
  • Life as a diabetic, which can be both frustrating and amusing
  • Updates on geeky/nerdy projects I undertake
  • Other things

…I think I’ve done enough procrastinating for the moment.  Off to study!

EDIT May 11, 2011:  Hey, WordPress does have bulleted lists!


4 thoughts on “first post ever! next up, finals.

    • Pretty good (Hi Momanonymous!). The weather is actually really nice here right now, with amazing temperatures and a bit of wind to keep things from being too hot. And the apartment is still great.

    • I will probably post about moving in pretty soon. Hopefully tomorrow. Kind of new to this blogging thing. 🙂

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