things i learn while packing

Over the past week, I have done a lot of packing.  And unpacking, repacking, and moving.  I finished the last final exams I will take at Virginia Tech as an undergrad student, moved out of my apartment there, went to my parents’ house, repacked my stuff, and then moved to Wilmington, NC for a summer internship.  In the midst of that process, I learned the following:

  • There is a mouse hole that leads into some of the drawers in my college apartment’s kitchen.  (It’s an old apartment.)  An unknown number of mice apparently ate an entire refill-size bag of chocolate-covered cinnamon Altoids that was sitting in one of the kitchen drawers near that hole.  That was a bag meant to refill three or four Altoids containers.
  • I am bad at packing light.  I blame that at least partially on diabetes supplies; what’s one more box of books or clothes when I already have at least three boxes dedicated to my collection of Omnipod pods, Dexcom sensors, and emergency pump backup supplies?
  • Not that diabetes is always something to complain about.  When packing to move out of my college apartment, my blood sugar went low.  I had a few cupcakes left from when I bought a bunch of random stuff at the dining halls to use the rest of my meal plan, so I ate a red velvet cupcake (this one:  I did not bolus for that cupcake at all, because packing = a lot of exercise and Laura’s non-athleticism + strenuous packing-cise = more lows.  Post-cupcake, my blood sugar rose slowly and hovered around 150 mg/dL for a few hours.  150 may not be the best blood sugar I’ve ever had, but having that kind of blood sugar stability at a decent BG level during exercise?  From eating a delicious cupcake with cream cheese icing?  Yes please.
  • The rest of my non-light-packingness probably comes from thoughts such as “what if I need this random thing that I haven’t used for three months?” or “I should bring this textbook that I used freshman year and have not referenced since because I might need it and because I enjoy transporting heavy things.”  Thank you, people who talk me out of bringing unnecessary stuff.  You know who you are.
  • Emptying the fridge and freezer before leaving is hard, especially since the cold food items won’t survive in a car for 5 hours of driving.  I do not happen to own a cooler large enough to keep all of my cold food cold. Thank you, amazing college roomie, for not minding too much that I left a bunch of stuff in the freezer.  Enjoy the frozen bite-sized quiches!
I am now hungry.  Thankfully, I’m about to go to dinner with some of my fellow summer intern colleagues.  Bring on the burgers!  (and boluses.)


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