i don’t like bugs

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, with work from 8-5 every weekday and bug-hunting duties after work.

That is, I’m not used to the size or sheer number of bugs in Wilmington.  Over the past couple of weeks, I have been surprised by a large waterbug in the shower, a large bug buzzing around in my AC vent, and what was either a hornet or a wasp in my room, as well as numerous smaller bugs in the most unexpected locations.

As a result, I’ve become somewhat paranoid, not to mention unproductive.  It’s hard to do stuff while carrying a can of Raid everywhere (one never knows when a bug will get between one and one’s bug spray; therefore it is best to have the bug spray nearby instead of across the apartment).

But the other day, I realized that every bug I encounter is a way for God to say “My grace is sufficient for you” in kind of the same manner as he said that to the apostle Paul in 2 Corinthians 12:9.  (Not to put a Paul-spin on this Stuff Christians Like post, but the situation with the bug is sort of similar, right?)

Of course, 2 Corinthians 12:9 is much easier to believe when the bugs aren’t actually where I can see or hear them.  But God is crazy good at putting me in weird situation after weird situation and making me figure out how to trust Him regardless.  How to trust Him when, say, a water bug tries to get into my shower while I am showering.  Hoping that doesn’t happen again, but maybe I’ll be ready for the next time.

Though I am seriously hoping that that does not happen again.

Anyway, wanted to end this post on an upnote with a few pictures of the apartment.  So, may I present to you:

the kitchen in my new apartment

the kitchen!

the living room in my new apartment, complete with sofas and a tv.

the living room!

the master bedroom in my new apartment

and the master bedroom!





One thought on “i don’t like bugs

  1. The apartment still looks great! I like the cool accessory you stored behind the chair in the living room.

    You seem to be holding your own with the bugs and will be stronger for it. I’ve often heard it is good to associate nuggets from God’s Word with everyday objects, so if you’ve done that, you will be reminded of Him every day in Wilmington, and many other places. Hooray for growing!

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