natural fireworks, sort of

I did something fun on my day off of work for July 4th. Though it was a day off from work, I decided to not sleep in. Instead, I drove to the beach in the dark to watch the sun rise. It wasn’t quite the National Geographic-esque show I expected, but it was pretty. Here are some pictures I took (no, I’m not posting all 160 of them. Yes, I took that many pictures. The beach was pretty photogenic.)

Guy with a metal detector looking for tin cans and metal stuff at the beach at sunrise

A dude looking for buried treasure or tin cans. The sun had only just become visible; before this, it was hidden behind ocean haze.

Overturned beach chair at beach with pier in the background

Sad-looking abandoned beach chair.  Aww.

Seagull being pretty and looking at the camera so I could take a picture of it in front of the sunrise

Silhouetted seagull standing in the sunrise.  Say that five times fast.

Seagull flying away from the camera, with seafoam in the background

I took a lot of seagull pictures.  This gull was tired of my one-woman Paparazzi act.

Sun rising behind pier at Wrightsville Beach

This pier is actually attached to a building housing a swanky restaurant. I haven’t eaten there, though.  Not yet.

Sun rising over the water at the beach

Picture of the sun rising, with someone boating in the background.

I hope to do this at another beach or two before I leave Wilmington.  With my sleep schedule, I’m not sure that will happen, but we’ll see.  This beach trip, at least, was definitely worth waking up at 5.


3 thoughts on “natural fireworks, sort of

  1. Those were great pictures! You caught the bird in a great pose–just lifting off!
    I’m glad you are enjoying the beach there.

    I guess the metal detector guy missed the beach chair because it was aluminum. 🙂

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