photoblogging is fun

I have an Instagram account. The Instagram app lets me take pictures with my iPod and then apply pretty filters to them. So I have decided to start posting some of those pictures here.

20110716-111106.jpgThis is a picture of my dad photographing a chameleon at the Cotton Exchange ice cream shop in Wilmington, NC. My parents had come to visit me for a weekend, so we went to the Cotton Exchange, which is essentially a shopping mall of local businesses. We bought a few souvenirs at a pottery shop and then decided it was time for ice cream. This chameleon apparently also thought it was time for ice cream. My dad had a lot of fun sneaking up on the little guy to get pictures.

On a different topic, I need ideas for a name for my little travel buddy here. He is a teensy pocket-sized garden gnome.

20110716-111731.jpgAny ideas? He’ll give you a cute little flower if you give him a name. Or rather, he would if the flower were not permanently attached to his hand. Aww. Poor little guy.


UPDATE: The gnome’s name is now Jimmy.  In an earlier version of the post, I tried to write the word “him,” and spell-check corrected whatever typo I made into “Jim” instead.  But I think he’s more of a Jimmy.  Thanks, spell check!


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