sunrise at topsail

To continue with the Laura-doing-things-really-early-in-the-morning theme, I watched a beautiful sunrise at Topsail Island in Surf City, NC yesterday.  Makes me wish I had been to Topsail Island’s beach sooner.  So pretty!

jimmy with the sunrise in the background being dramaticJimmy liked Topsail too.

my red scion xb parked at topsail island. i love that car.

The parking at Topsail is free. Which is an excuse to post a picture of my car.  🙂

But you’re reading this with the intent of looking at beach pictures.  I have plenty of those. 186 of them.  (I’m not posting all of them, though.)

picture of beach taken a few minutes before the sun roseAnyone familiar with Topsail Island beach enough to know why those two poles are there?  Never did figure that out.

sun reflecting off the water, partially obscured by cloudsWilmington has had thunderstorms recently, so there were a few clouds.  Which made it prettier, IMO.  Love the colors!

waves coming in after sun has risenMore pretty colors.

sun reflecting off of water and seafoamThis is possibly my favorite picture out of the ones I took.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them!


5 thoughts on “sunrise at topsail

  1. That last one nearly took my breath away! Thanks for posting them all.
    And, Jimmy? Is he a Morning Gnome, too?

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