teaching myself to like carbonated water

As mentioned in a previous post, I’m trying to learn to like carbonated water.  I’ll be studying abroad in Germany soon, as I’ve mentioned, and in Germany, if you order water in a restaurant, they bring you carbonated water. The tap water is perfectly potable but is typically just used for teeth brushing and showering and such.

carbonated water.  it tastes funny.

This is just carbonated water in a fahncy glass.  I’m classy like that.

I’ve gotten to where I can generally drink carbonated water without making funny faces out of disgust, but the urge is still there.  I can’t quite get over the taste of the bubbles and the thought that I am drinking water with bubbles in it.  It doesn’t taste like water to me.

When I got to visit my pen pal’s family in Germany a few years ago, I was surprised when they had a little machine in their kitchen that would carbonate a liter of water at a time.  Even more surprised when one of the dares in a game of the German version of Truth or Dare, one guy was dared to drink an entire liter of water ohne Kohlensäure (without carbonation). I couldn’t tell whether his disgust at the dare was to drinking so much water at once or to drinking it uncarbonated.

I haven’t gotten used to the bubbles yet. Let’s hope that changes.


One thought on “teaching myself to like carbonated water

  1. Maybe you could stir it or shake the water some to rid it of at least SOME of the bubbles. I know what you mean. The carbonation is weird without some cola to go along with it!

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