trip to apple store today

I’m seriously considering buying an iPad 2. My iPod Touch has become an extension of my brain, and its potential is yet somewhat limited due to the teensy screen.

My iPod Touch serves as an on-the-go text-editing platform, my chief to-do list and organizer, my Bible (several versions, in both English and German, plus my own notes). I check my email on it, my calendar, and my RSS feedreader. I wrote most of this post on it. I have written large portions of lab reports on it while in line at dining halls and have read books and other PDFs on it in restaurants and at the beach. It is easier and faster to use my iPod in many cases than it is to pull out and login to my MacBook Pro. (Don’t get me wrong. I loooove my MBP. But iOS’s simplicity makes life so much easier.)

So I’ll soon be visiting the Apple Store in Tysons Corner Center in Virginia to take a closer look at the iPads. I would often avoid the iPad display when I went to Apple stores in the past, lest I convince myself to buy one on impulse. But now that I can actually see myself using it on a regular basis, it is time for an Apple store trip.

I’m excited. 🙂


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