how to pack books, or not

Since getting an iPad, I have begun to approach bookstores differently. Or rather, I have approached them less frequently, since I can buy the same book at the same cost for use in an eReader app.  This process can even occur while I am wearing pajamas, whereas a visit to a real bookstore could not.

reading asimov with an ereader app: not quite the same as a paper book, but not bad. and takes up less space in a suitcase.

The times in the past few days that I have gone to bookstores, I have seen interesting-sounding books that I decided to buy in eBook form at a later time.  (My main goal in going to bookstores recently, ironically enough, was to see if they had iPad covers.  They did not. Nook eReader covers? Yes.)

I do feel a bit sad about the increasing prevalence of eReaders. The new “I don’t need bookstores because I have a device for reading ebooks” mindset is partly what caused Borders, one of my favorite bookstores and hangout locations, to go out of business. But I do have travel circumstances coming up that make buying ebooks more sensible than buying paper books. My iPad takes up far less space in my luggage than all of the books I’d like to bring.

I’ll leave the debate of the economics involved to experts.  My personal debate is this:  if I have already bougth paper books that I want to take to Germany to read but cannot fit in my suitcase without displacing something else, should I buy eBooks of those books for travel? Or ask my parents to send me care packages of my own books?

Care packages all the way.  I can build my eLibrary once I have a real-world job.


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