one more week

Well I’ve been travelling recently and haven’t been as active in posting as I’d like.  But no worries—I have more to post soon.  But I just realized that I have less than ONE WEEK before I leave for Germany.  That gives me this many days

seven daysto figure out how to fit this much (six months’ supply) of my medical stuff

medical stuff i will be taking to germanyplus clothing, computer, gadgets, etc. into these luggage monsters:

my luggage for the tripI’m not the kind of person who enjoys packing, so the next few days will be interesting.  If you are a praying person, please tell God that I could use some encouragement in this.  And maybe chocolate, too.  🙂


5 thoughts on “one more week

    • Was yummy. I didn’t eat all of it though, so help yourself!

      Oops. Left part of my chocolate orange at home, too. Hope you can find someone else who likes them! Xoxo!

  1. Lala,
    We loved having you with us and we miss you! You are an awesome archer and duck slayer so I know you’ll manage a couple of pieces of luggage. Take a deep breath and smile. Thanks for spending time with the old folks. Love, Aunt G

    • It was great seeing you two again! Thanks for letting me visit! I hope we can visit each other more often. If you think of anything you want to see near where I’ll be, let me know! 🙂

  2. Of all the great treats you left here, the first thing I ate was that awful, awful jello. Ugh. I will have to choose more wisely next time!

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