an interesting trip to ikea

A friend and I went to IKEA today. We ate amazing Swedish food for lunch. We then began shopping, first looking at the adorable kids’ toys and then looking at shelving units for her basement.


And then an earthquake happened. The building shook, and the steel-beam grid holding the lights and signs in place below the ceiling swayed and rattled. My friend and I were at a loss for where to seek shelter, since IKEA hangs so much stuff from the ceiling and has so many shelves with loose products on them EVERYWHERE.

The shaking stopped ten seconds after it started. Once it was clear that the earth was still once again, everyone abandoned the items they had intended to purchase and made a beeline for the exits.

As we were exiting, an evacuation alarm sounded.  We all piled outside and stood on the grass, trying to call or text family members and friends to see if they were ok.  Not long after the evacuation, a store manager with a megaphone told us what was going on and that the building and parking garage were off-limits for the moment, for safety.  Eventually, we were allowed to go to our cars if we wanted to leave, but since the fire department hadn’t finished checking the building for damage, we couldn’t start shopping again.  So we left.

All in all, it wasn’t bad.  The earthquake was scary, but the building did not seem damaged.  I didn’t hear any glass breaking or anything, and the IKEA building was still standing tall when we drove away.  I thought that the employees handled things very well and stayed calm, even though the customers were freaking out.  They were also good at directing the copious traffic that resulted from the customers getting access to the parking garage.

But IKEA?  It would be super-awesome if you wouldn’t hang quite so much stuff from the ceiling.


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