transatlantic flight sunrise

Well, even in the rush of travelling, I had the chance to take some more pictures of a sunrise.

On the first flight of my trip to Germany, I happened to wake up just in time to see the sun rising and grab a few pictures with my iPod. They aren’t the best pictures, given that they were taken from within an airplane with a lowish-res camera, but it was too beautiful not to post a picture or two.

sunrise over the atlantic

sunrise over the atlantic

Unfortunately, before we broke through to the underside of the clouds, where the sunrise was spectacular, I had to put my iPod away for descent and landing.  So I need to go back to Iceland someday to get sunrise pictures.  Yep.  That’s a good reason.  (Looks like a cool place to visit anyway.)

I’ll be looking for pretty scenery here in Germany.  Because waking up ridiculously early can be fun.  But not anytime soon, since I’m super-jetlagged right now.  Good night!


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