getting used to the keyboard

It is easier to type in German with a German keyboard layout, and easier to type English with an English layout. I switch back and forth a lot now, since I am in Germany but still write many emails and blog posts in English.

I got a cover for my keyboard that has the German keyboard layout on it so that I can see where certain symbols and letters are. That makes typing auf Deutsch much easier, and it protects my keyboard and computer from liquids somewhat. So if I read something really funny and end up choking on my coffee, my computer might survive.

But here (below) is the German layout…

…and here (below) is the American English layout.

I rarely remove the cover to type in English. That causes one main problem. When I intend to type this:

: )

it often ends up being this instead:

: (

So if you are coming to visit, and I send you an email that says “I can’t wait to see you! : (” please be understanding. : )



2 thoughts on “getting used to the keyboard

  1. That is so funny! I remember when I was in Hungary the keyboards were different. All the e-mails I sent out were filled with typos. It looks like you are handeling the transition pretty well! 🙂 (or should i type 😦 . . . hehehe) I’m praying for you Laura!

    • Oh yeah, another common typo I make: Germanz. The Z and Y are switched. It makes sense with the frequency that those letters are used in the respective languages, but is frustrating still.

      Thanks so much for the prayers! And feel free to visit! 🙂

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