second day living in darmstadt

I am exhausted and homesick, but surviving so far. I at least can speak enough functional German to get what I need, but I get slightly more overwhelmed with each person who speaks German at me too quickly. Definitely getting more used to the language, though.

The environment? Not as much. It is cold here–I wear a sweater during all but the hottest times of the day–and there isn’t much sun. I’m not sure whether that’s just buildings making shadows or whether it has just been cloudy while I’m here; I’m too busy finding my way around town and trying to figure out how to live here to pay much attention to the weather.

Language classes start next week, and it will be nice to have a regular schedule. But even with the upcoming joy of having a daily structure, I’m nervous. There’s so much to learn here, and while I love learning, I sometimes wonder what my breaking point is.

But enough moody homesickness talk. Here is a picture I took of Luisenplatz (also called Louie by locals) from the top floor of Starbucks.



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