becoming a morning person

I’ve said many times before that I would probably be a morning person if I could get enough sleep every night.  Or that I’m a morning person once I’ve had coffee.  And over the summer, waking up super-early allowed me to go watch pretty sunrises.

I’m finding getting up early has more advantages.  While my suitemates are nice, in a foreign country, I find myself more able to face the world if I have some time by myself first.  Just God, me, and a cup of coffee.  And my blog.  Gives me time to quiet the nervousness of being in Germany for another day and remember that God guided me to this study-abroad experience and He will get me through it.

I’m an introvert.  I like waking up early for the same reason I like staying up late: it gives me time alone to think about the world on my own terms and to have a little peace and quiet.  I’ve tried living like an extrovert, being with people for long periods of time for several days.  It doesn’t work.  I become irritable and a little crazy.  My mind needs some time off from dealing with other people.

So hopefully now that I’ve had coffee, breakfast, and an hour or so of solitude, I can go to class feeling more peaceful.  I’ll need more alone time to decompress throughout the day; being in a new culture is stressful and my mind can’t cope if I’m always interacting with other people.  But starting out on the right foot should help.


One thought on “becoming a morning person

  1. I’m the exact same way. I prefer to wake up to a quiet house/apartment, eat by myself and then let the human interaction begin.

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