I finally tried Döner (pronounced DOEH-nurr) yesterday.  I was sick of studying for my exam and wanted to get out of the apartment and walk around a bit, so I went to a shop on the Marktplatz (marketplace square) that sells a food called Döner for 3 Euros apiece.

This is a Döner:


Döner is very similar to a Gyro one would get in America.  The meat is lamb and is shaved off of a giant cone in thin slices.  Those meat slices are combined with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and tzatziki sauce.  For a gyro, those ingredients are put in a pita.  For a Döner, they are put in a toasted bread roll.  I love both and hope that I don’t gain fifty pounds before leaving Germany, because a Döner here is cheaper than a gyro in America.  Not that gyros in America aren’t worth the price.

By the way, I spelled “tzatziki” correctly on the first try in the previous paragraph before I looked it up to check my spelling.  Just wanted to share that little triumph with the world.  🙂


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