Over the past few years, I have been amazed to watch McDonalds restaurants in the United States get renovated into more sophisticated fast food restaurants with more diversified menus than before.  It’s all still served in cardboard and styrofoam containers, but it seems a bit classier.

But trust me–you don’t know classy McDonalds if you’ve only eaten in McDonalds in the USA.

Yesterday, I took a little trip to the Darmstadt Hauptbahnhof (main train station) to look around and figure out where I would need to catch the bus to the airport when I go for Christmas.  (Hopefully buying plane tickets for that soon, by the way! :))  When I got there, I was hungry and under-caffeinated, so I decided to get second breakfast.  (Lord of the Rings reference, anyone?)

So I went to the McDonalds across the street from the Hauptbahnhof, which also houses a full-featured McCafé, the coffee-shop side of Mickey D’s.  I ordered a coffee and a chocolate muffin.

what i was served at the darmstadt hauptbahnhof mcdonalds

This is what I was served.  Waaay classier than any McDonalds I’ve seen in the States.  Ceramic dishes and metal flatware and everything!  (There is coffee in that cup.  I ordered the smaller size of coffee, but they didn’t have small cups for some reason.)

this is the view of mcdonalds from where i sat.  classy.And this was the view from where I sat.

I miss home, and McDonalds here isn’t the same.  But at the Hauptbahnhof, it’s definitely not bad!



2 thoughts on “mcclassy

    • The price on my breakfast was 3,99€, for what that information’s worth. It was a good muffin and coffee, but maybe the upgrades to ceramic dishes add a bit to the base price. I think the coffee and muffin would be on the dollar menu at home. American McDonalds might not have the muffin, though.

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