Since most of my readers live in the USA (as far as I can tell, at least), I’m going to go ahead and state something that most people who live in North America will agree on:  Canada is cold.

You good with that?  You agree?  Good.

Now look at this: (click picture to view larger)

canada and germany are both pretty far north

(Picture is from Google Maps, modified by me)

Germany and Canada are both pretty far north.  I’d say that, lattitude-wise, I am closer to Ontario than I am to New York or Maine.

What does that mean?  I am COLD.  I wear a sweater (and now that it is getting colder, a legit coat) during all but the warmest parts of the day.  It hasn’t frosted yet, but I would not be surprised if it frosts later this month or in early October.  Fall is on the way for all of the Northern Hemisphere, of course, but it has not been warm for more than one or two of the 23 full days I have been here so far!  Time for warm blankets, hot chocolate/coffee, and turning on the heater.  Brrr.


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