ludwig iv

Just thought I’d post a few pictures of one of the statues here.  It is near the Darmstadt Schloss (castle) and someone has mounted colorful cartoon-character-esque speech balloons around the statue to make it more fun.

ludwig iv saying "was denkst du, wer ich bin" and "machtplatz!"The yellow speech balloon translates to “Who do you think I am?”  The red speech bubble is a play on words.  “Marktplatz” means marketplace, and “Macht” means might or strength.  Hence, “Machtplatz!”

side of ludwig ivHere, the orange sign translates roughly to “How’s life?”  But says Wiiiieh instead of Wie, since I think it is supposed to be the horse talking.  And the green sign near the horse’s rear end translates to “Pffft. That stinks!”  Yeah, I guess so, Ludwig.

ludwig iv overallAnd this is the overall statue.  I took these pictures when I did because it was sunny for a few hours that day.  Ahh, sun.  I miss you.

I never thought of photography as a hobby, but this is fun.  There will be more pictures this year, I can assure you that.


2 thoughts on “ludwig iv

  1. Hi Laura,
    What fun! I don’t travel much anymore outside of the USA so this a grand way for me to enjoy your experience. Keep up the great photography 🙂

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