I just wanted to write a post dedicated to church.  I was incredibly nervous before I came to Darmstadt about being able to find a good church that shared my beliefs, and even more nervous about finding a Bible study, especially since my German skills aren’t that good.

But I now can say that I have a home church here.  And I go to a Bible study comprised of German college students.  And I have friends–German friends, even!  Even when my language skills still need more development!

The first Sunday I lived in Darmstadt, I nervously went to Evangelisch-Freikirchliche Gemeinde Baptisten Darmstadt (EFG Darmstadt for short), a Baptist church.  Here is the web site.  In German, btw.

At that church service, I met K, who has been a great friend.  She invited me to her Bible study group, and when I mentioned that my German skills were poor and that I had trouble understanding when people spoke quickly or mumbled, she started emailing me English translations of many of the announcements to make sure that I could get the right information.  And yet she has been willing to speak German with me when we are hanging out or in Bible study so that I can get more practice and learn.  She has helped me out in other ways, too; she recommends stores in Darmstadt and sights to see.  Being a newbie here, I am super-thankful!

Other people in the Bible study are very friendly as well.  I’ve met a lot of people in the last few weeks, and I don’t remember all of the names.  But the people I’ve met in the college student Bible study are very friendly and don’t seem to mind listening to my mistake-riddled sentences.  I have even been told multiple times that if I don’t understand something that someone says, all I have to do is ask for clarification or for them to repeat it more slowly.

God has been good to me here so far.  I’m homesick, so I don’t always feel like I belong here and I often feel alone.  But this church and this Bible study and the friends I have made there are gifts from God, and I am extremely thankful!


One thought on “thankfulness

  1. Dear Laura,
    I know a huge part of you is being a scientist, but never forget God’s love is free and all around you at all times. Blessings Always, Diane

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