ode to german chocolate

Chocolate is amazing.

I’ve met a few people in the world who don’t like chocolate, and I always wonder how that is possible.  But that’s not the point of this post.

The picture below is just a small portion of the selection of chocolate items one can get at the grocery store and at many large department stores here in Germany.

chocolate, conveniently available pretty much everywhere groceries or foodstuffs are sold here

The chocoholic in me loves the amazing variety of chocolates here.  In America, if I wanted Milka chocolate, or Ritter Sport, or Nutella, I would have to pay out the nose for it.  Only a few flavors from the major German chocolate companies are available in America, but here in Germany, there are shelves and shelves and shelves with flavors and mix-ins and variations I didn’t know anyone would think of.

And cheap, too! Each of those Milka bars cost me 0.89€.  The generic Nutella?  0.99€.  Real Nutella?  Maybe a Euro more.  In America?  I’m pretty sure the prices would be at least double.

In other news, in an effort not to gain fifty pounds–er, sorry, 22.6796185 kilograms (thanks, Google!)–I am walking a lot and starting to exercise.  Gotta burn off the chocolate somehow.

And now, back to my Milka bar.  mmm, chocolate.


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