new comforts of home

american food

Before I left, I had no idea how much I would miss that which I rarely ate at home.

German food is good; don’t get me wrong. But there are plenty of American foods that I almost never made at home that I now eat nearly every day.

For instance, at home in America, I rarely ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. But in searching for the little comforts of home, a PB&J is a tiny piece of America. I can get a little jar of American-style peanut butter, some sliced bread, and some fruit preserves, and I feel a bit more connected to my mother country.  (Does that phrase sound weird to anyone else?  My mother country is the country of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. …yes, it does sound weird.  But I digress.)

I mentioned this to some of the other exchange students here the other day (hi, guys!  I know some of you read my blog…) and I’m apparently not the only one experiencing this.

I am also not the only one turning to modifying American classics to fit the environment.

use of nutella = adaptation

Background: Nutella is awesome.  If you have never eaten it, put your computer to sleep, go to the store, buy some Nutella (you can buy this in many American grocery stores, including at Wal-Mart), and come back and experience the awesomeness.  Nutella is chocolate-hazelnut paste.  Imagine creamy peanut butter, but made out of hazelnuts.  And it tastes like chocolate.  Spreadable chocolatey goodness.

"american style" peanut butter and store-brand nutellaPictured:  “American Style” peanut butter and store-brand chocolate hazelnut paste, aka Nutella

Enough background.  Now that you have a jar of Nutella, go get peanut butter and bread.  Peanut butter on one piece of bread, Nutella on the other.  That makes a fantastic sandwich.  Some of the other exchange students have even started putting banana slices on the sandwich as well.  I haven’t tried that combo yet, but I probably will sometime soon. It sounds amazing.

So yeah.  We exchange students do what we can to stay connected to home, but we like to spruce things up with indigenous foods as well.  🙂


4 thoughts on “new comforts of home

  1. Ah yes, Nutella. Pure goodness in a jar. My first experience with it was in my middle school French (or was it German) class… I’m not even going to think how many years ago that was. 😉 Lately I’ve been trying to talk J into getting some (I’m pretty sure he’d like it), but so far it’s been a no-go. What am I thinking? Pregnancy = justified Nutella purchase.

    • He has never had Nutella?!?! Being pregnant is definitely an excuse to get out there and buy Nutella, and J needs to try it. Really, he does. Soooo good. Enjoy it! I hope J does too! xoxo

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