finding stuff

Well, long story short, I changed apartments and am much more comfortable with my new living situation.  New living situation meaning a new room in a different building (thankfully not far from the old one).

So in this new room, there are some storage areas that are kind of hard to get to.  Part of the ceiling is lower than the ceiling of the rest of the room, and there are doors that allow you to store stuff above the lower part of the ceiling.

A friend and I were looking at what was already in there; it is apparently pretty common for people to forget things there.  Here is what we found:

random wood parts for ...something?

Random wood parts for something.  I’ll find something to do with them, because that is what engineers do, right?

parts from ikea, a reflector, a lei, and two costume necklaces


Looks like the previous occupant used IKEA furniture.  And liked buying costume parts?

and three vampire capes.


…and was part of a three-person costume group that dressed up as vampires for Halloween.

It is apparently common here for occupants of a student apartment to leave things behind for future occupants to use.  (or to forget things, or leave them for others to use/throw away).  Not sure what I’m going to do with all this stuff.  Any ideas?


4 thoughts on “finding stuff

  1. Too bad they didn’t leave something valuable, but at least you will be prepared for going to Transylvania, should your travels take you there. Or, you could form a three-vampire singing group. Or maybe even just use the capes to make your escape from someplace. I’ll bet people wouldn’t comment on your accent so much if you dressed in your cape and necklace. See, it’s all relative!

    Maybe the wood was scavenged and they were in the process of turning the wood into stakes. Or, maybe they are improvised table legs. Just depends on whether you have any imagination!

    Glad you like your new apartment!

  2. Those casters could be quite useful for a piece of furniture or even under a base to put a potted plant on and move it around easily. Hmm, the capes could be fun. Halloween is right around the corner, but why wait for a legitimate reason to use them? Sometimes random silliness is more enjoyable. 😉

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