learning patience with a rock

Well, it looks like I’m not going to Heidelberg today.  It’s German Reunification day.  Few things are open and only the expensive trains are running, so I’ll hit Heidelberg some other day, hopefully in the next week or two.  Some of the other exchange students and I may go wander around in Frankfurt or Marburg for a while, which would be fun too. (And free, since those cities are close enough that I can get there with just my student ticket and student ID.)

a rock

This is a rock:

rock; learning patience(Studio audience that I totally have):  Durrrrr.

I’m carrying this rock around in my pocket.  A few years ago, someone told me about a guy who carried a certain rock around with him wherever he went.  He used it as a nail file, and if his nails were ok and he was bored waiting in line or something, he would just rub the rock with his fingers.  After many years of this, the rock was smooth and shiny.

carrying a rock around in my pocket

The other day, I found the semi-smooth rock above.  I figured I’d start carrying it around like the guy who used the rock to file his nails, and eventually, I’d have a nice pretty smooth rock.

I’ve tried to do this before.  You know how it turns out?  I get frustrated that the rock isn’t any smoother after I apply friction to the rock for a few minutes.  I give up after about a week.  Or I decide to switch rocks and pick up a smoother one I find somewhere to shortcut the process.

This time, I hope to stick with it.  (Warning:  symbolism ahead.)

(Studio audience that I totally have):  zzzzz.

(Me): Shush.

symbolism of this rock

I’m looking at this rock as my life.  I can’t switch it out for a different life; I only have one life here on Earth.  And every day, I get a little more experience.  I get a little more patient, a little more empathetic, a little more compassionate or friendly.  But it happens so gradually it’s hard to tell until I really take a good look back at who I was a week, a month, a year ago.

I was irritated today when I realized that getting to Heidelberg was going to be difficult or impossible/expensive, and even more so when I realized most stores in Germany would be closed.

But then I felt the rock in my pocket.  I’m learning patience.  God has me here for a reason.

why lala land?

My blog address is “Going to LaLa Land” because I’m on a journey of self-discovery.  I’m learning who God wants me to be, and this blog is me sharing my story along the way.  LaLa Land isn’t Germany.  It’s who I am and who I’m going to be in the future, and it’s who I’m going to be on the way there.  Building my life story.  Making a plain old rock shiny, one day at a time.


3 thoughts on “learning patience with a rock

  1. Oh, Laura. You are such a wise young woman for your years here. I hope you remember each time you feel that rock in your pocket that I have you in my heart, as I’m sure many others who love you do too, and that each time I think of you, I pray that God protects you, comforts you, teaches you, guides you, and sends you people who will help you on your life journey to become the “you” He’s shaping. I surely love the “you” you already are, but also know that people and experiences will shape you more. I know you’ll be ready willing for His hand and that you know that He is with you throughout it all. I love you….A.Gail

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