three hours of frankfurt

Well, I eventually got stir-crazy enough yesterday to decide to go to Frankfurt (free with my student train ticket) and wander around.  I wasn’t sure much would be open, with yesterday being a holiday.

But the Hauptbahnhof was plenty busy:


frankfurt hauptbahnhof

…and there was plenty to see!  I finally got to see the Alte Oper (Old Opera House) in person.  There’s something cool about finally photographing a historic building you’ve only ever seen in textbooks before.

alte oper (old opera house)The building had some beautiful details.  I won’t post all of my pictures, but here’s a closer view:

alte oper, up closer

After wandering around for a while longer, I saw a lot of people crowding around near rows of vendor stands.  Not having much on my agenda, I wandered over to experience my first German flea market (Flohmarkt):

flohmarkt (flea market)

I didn’t end up buying anything, but there was some cool (and pricey) stuff for sale.   Maybe another time.

After spending an hour wandering through the flea market, I bought a freshly-made cheese crepe (with black pepper–yum!  I never knew a little pepper could make such a difference!) and freshly-made French fries with German mayo.  German mayo tastes different than American mayo.  I managed to spill some of the mayo on my favorite hoodie (oops) but the fries were delicious.

From arrival in Frankfurt to my heading back to the train station to leave, I was only there for around three hours, but I saw enough to get a good idea of what to see next time I visit Frankfurt.  And for 2-3 hours round trip, Frankfurt is a good city to re-visit a few more times during my year here.


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