Today is the day I take the UNICert II exam to test my German fluency.  Not being a huge fan of tests, I was getting a little nervous yesterday.  I went for a walk around campus to take a break from studying…

do you like cookies? sign.  yes, sign. yes i do.

…and saw this on an announcement board.

The sign translates to:

Do you like cookies?

Caution:  this is not edible. But if you find yourself always wanting cookies but cannot buy them, here’s one to take with you and look at…

Enjoy looking [at the cookie] 🙂

So of course I took one.

my paper cookie.  mmm.

Tee hee.


7 thoughts on “cookies!

      • Not weird! 🙂 And feel free to eat some in my honor. Lemon creme sounds delicious. I’m sure you make fantastic cookies, but a package my parents sent me from the USA took a month to get here, so the cookies might be a bit stale by the time I get them in November… thanks for thinking of me, though! 🙂

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