virtual tour: to the streetcar stop

It dawned on me the other day (read: my Mom told me) that some–well, most–of the things I see every day here in Germany are so different from whatever they are in America.

So I plan to post at least one virtual tour a week. It might be something simple, such as a location I go to often, or it might be something you would look for while vacationing here. This week is a simple one: what I see every day going to the streetcar stop to go just about anywhere in this city. After the pictures, though, I have a request for you, dear bloggy readers. So don’t just look at the pretty pictures (or not-so-pretty pictures, as the case may be).

But with no further ado, my walk to the streetcar stop!

courtyard between dorms

This is the view of the courtyard just outside my apartment/dorm building. That ramp on the right you see is one of the few accessibility ramps I have seen here. The left path is the steps.

trees i walk through on the way to and from my room from streetcar

Here is walking past a few other dorm buildings through some trees…

oh look! a statue!

Oh look! A statue! (botched quote from The Guy on a Buffalo, which I discovered thanks to Jen, the author of Cake Wrecks and Epbot)

the street i walk along to get to the street car.  for some reason there is a cigarette vending machine on the way.  im not sure why i took a picture of it because i don't smoke.

And walking along the street.

this is the kind of sign you would look for to check streetcar departure/arrival times, at least for the streetcars that stay within darmstadt.

Signs that look like this let you check to see when the next streetcar will come.  So you can know whether you get to wait five minutes or fifteen minutes.

the shop that sells brötchen, newspapers, magazines, beer, etc. i have sometimes seen a little container of dog treats for the people who walk their dogs by here every morning.

When it is open in the mornings, this little shop sells Brötchen, or little loaves of bread. And newspapers, and beer. There is usually a box of dog treats on the counter for people with dogs. I have a feeling the shop owners earn decent money from people waiting for the streetcars.

And once I get to the schedule signs and the little newsstand/bread shop, I wait a few minutes for a streetcar to come.  But a tour of a streetcar?  That’s another post.

Now here’s where you come in, readers. Here in Germany, all I see are German buildings, German stores, German streetcars. I have German friends and friends who are exchange students, but at times (read: a bajillion times a day) I feel very foreign and far away from home. I found a picture of my house in my iPhoto library the other day and was surprised at the architectural style. I see a picture of an American car and am shocked at the stylistic differences.

Moving here, even if it is only for a year, does something weird to my perspective. There is no family here, and there is no American architecture. No American-style cars. Little American-style anything.  American stuff has mostly become some figment of my imagination, and I’m forgetting what it all looks like.  And I miss you guys–my friends and family at home. And for those of you I have never met, I would love to learn more about you and get to know you some too.

So if you ever have a few minutes, and your family is bored, grab a camera and take a picture and send it to me. In front of your house, your car, your favorite thing in the town in which you live, in your living room, whatever. Feel free to send these to my personal email address if you have it, or send an I would loooove to get pictures and emails from you guys. And if you send pictures, I might hang them up in my room. So you can stare at me while I’m studying during the year.  And/or so I can remember you guys even when I’m an eight-hour flight away (at least).


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