heidelberg: the schloss

I finally went to Heidelberg on Friday!  Since I’m travelling with the other exchange students this weekend, I’m scheduling a few blog posts with photos from my Heidelberg trip.  Today’s pictures are of the castle (Schloss).

inside the castle (schloss)

This is a view of the courtyard inside the Schloss.  I was impressed with the intricate architecture on these buildings–way more complex and intricate than the stereotypical stone-block castle.

some of the things you can see inside the wine cellar of the castleI got to walk around a bit inside the castle.  One of the places I went was the wine cellar.  It had giant wine barrels and the statue of the dude shown above.  I think that statue is staring at the gargantuan wine barrel behind me and wondering how to open it.

view of one of the castle's towers.  ruined, but gives a good look at what's inside.The castle is, in part, a ruin, so it’s no surprise that some parts are, well, ruined.  This tower was damaged in such a way as to give a good look inside.  And the crumbling castle all covered in moss and vines is pretty, even long after the castle’s heyday as a place to live.

Come back tomorrow for views of the city from the castle!


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