real: germanified wal-mart

Today I went to Real, a store with the slogan “Einmal hin, alles drin.”  That translates roughly to “Go in to the store once, and everything is there,” or more simply, “Everything in one store.”  Kind of like Wal-Mart.

the parking lot of realEven the parking lot looks sort of like the parking lot of an American convenience store.

And inside, it was fairly similar to Wal-Mart.  There were sections for electronics, books, office supplies, groceries (not much produce), children’s toys, home furnishings, cooking supplies, medicine, and toiletries.  And there were even a couple of German fast-food places just inside the entrance.

inside of real, looking through checkout counters to the rest of the storeI’ll definitely be coming out to Real more often.  It’s refreshing to be able to get groceries and office supplies and cooking stuff in one place, and to even be able to meander through the electronics section gazing wistfully at gadgets I want but don’t actually need.

And you can even pay with EC card here!  An EC-card is kind of like a credit card, but with a chip in addition to the magnetic stripe.  (Many German stores only accept cash.  Many but not all larger stores accept EC-cards, and most small stores only take cash.)

It’s a long-ish bus ride to the edge of town, but if I have a lot of shopping to do for several different kinds of items, it will be worth the trip.


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