trip to mainz

Yesterday, a few friends and I spontaneously went on a trip to Mainz, Germany.  We didn’t do much planning beforehand, but we had heard from some other students about a couple of must-see landmarks.

With those landmarks as our guide, we set off.  After getting to the Hauptbahnhof, it took us about 20 minutes to figure out where to get a tourist map of the city, but once we got over that little hurdle, we were able to see some of the beauty Mainz has to offer.

One of my favorite parts was seeing the Dom (cathedral).

the cathedral (dom) in mainz

There was also a small model of the cathedral nearby.  It was labeled with raised text and with Braille, which I thought was a nice touch.  (oh look! a pun!)  It’s so blind people or people with any visual impairment can still “see” what the Dom looks like by feeling it.

model of the cathedral, complete with braille labels


Then we crossed the bridge over the Rhine river… the bridge in mainz that goes over the rhine river

to go see the Schloss (castle).  We found the Schloss based on the name of the nearest bus stop alone, so while we were expecting the Medieval-looking castle shown on postcards and tourist websites, we actually ended up at a Residence-Schloss.  That is apparently a kind of decorative castle that a rich dude a long time ago built to live in because he felt like it.  This Schloss had been converted to a restaurant of some sort.

the residence schloss in mainz

After taking some pictures there, we managed to find our way back to the Hauptbahnhof and back to Darmstadt.  While I didn’t enjoy Mainz as much as I enjoyed Heidelberg, it was still a beautiful place to see, and I had a lot of fun.


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