Yesterday, a friend and I had the opportunity to go see some of the local sights in Darmstadt.  One that neither of us had gotten around to seeing is the Waldspirale.  At the time of the writing of this post, a picture of the Waldspirale is the main picture on the Darmstadt, Germany Wikipedia page, so of course I was excited to see it in person.

the waldspiraleThe Waldspirale is a crazy apartment building.  Russian-style onion domes top off some of the towers, and I think I even saw a spiral staircase somewhere.

looking up at the waldspirale

Hundreds of windows, all different and all at different heights in the room.  The exterior walls are brightly colored with horizontal stripes of pink, white, blue, and yellow.  Parts of the walls are tiled, and the sidewalk stones are laid in bold patterns.

a brightly-colored column at the waldspirale

There was even a tunnel through the ground floor of the building, held up in part by brightly-colored pillars.  That’s kind of a common theme at the Waldspirale.  Bright colors, all over the place.  It’s pretty cool to see in person.


4 thoughts on “waldspirale

  1. Wow! What an interesting place. I wonder what it would be like to live inside where the windows were all different and at differing levels.

  2. What would our HOAs do with this? “No, you can’t change your bedroom window to the one you propose, it is already on this building–on the other side!”

    I hope to see this in person someday!

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