frankfurter buchmesse

I like reading.  I may not have as much time for pleasure reading as I’d like, but I still enjoy curling up with a good book.  And where better to celebrate reading than the Frankfurter Buchmesse?  (Buchmesse means something similar to Book Fair or Book Convention.)

So yesterday, a friend of mine from church and I went to explore the final day of the Buchmesse for this year.

the entrance to the frankfurter buchmesse Flags for the Buchmesse waving at the entrance to the Messe (convention center).

there were a lot of publishers and a lot of people at the buchmesseThere were a lot of publishers and authors selling books, a great number of books (duh) and audiobooks for sale, and a lot of people.

a lot of people at the buchmesse

Exhibit A of there being a lot of people at the Buchmesse.  But that’s cool.  The world needs more bookworms, right?  🙂

All in all, my friend K and I had a great time.  We each bought a book or two and wandered around looking at many more, picking up brochures and catalogs as well.  There was even a guy in the international books section who was packing up his booth and gave us free tote bags that say “Mexico means culture” on them.  Thanks, mister!  You saved my hands from cramping up from carrying around my posters and my Folkmanis catalog (yep, Folkmanis, the puppet manufacturer, had a booth, and I really exercised a lot of restraint in not buying any of the cute fuzzy puppets).

(Seriously, who doesn’t love Folkmanis?)

And then K and I ate cheesecake at a cute little cafe to end out the day.  Any day that involves books and ends in cheesecake has to be good, right?  Yes.


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