werkzeugmaschinen und industrieroboter: my first class

I had my first real class period today.  It’s a class I was excited about as soon as I saw the name:  Werkzeugmaschinen und Industrieroboter (Machine Tools and Industrial Robots).

Those of you who know me in person know that I love robotics.  I like the idea of designing something with the intention of it moving, and then being able to sit at my computer and make the thing move.  I was expecting this class to be both useful and fun.

And this first class period didn’t disappoint.  This semester, it looks like I’ll be learning primarily about machining parts out of metal.  How to calculate the speed at which the rough part on the lathe needs to turn, or whether to have the milling machine cut a part out in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction (because it makes a difference in the end surface finish of the edge depending on the direction of the teeth of the milling cutting tool).

Leave it to me to go off on a tangent.  I’m such a nerd.  🙂  But anyway.  It looks like I’ll be learning about the machine tools used to create metal parts, such as parts for a robot.

The main challenge for me in this class will be the language.  The professor spoke fairly clear German, but he spoke quickly, making it hard for me to understand everything.

If I had ignored his powerpoint and had instead focused solely on what he was saying, I would have been able to follow more of his sentences from beginning to end.  But it’s hard to hear and understand someone speaking a foreign language while you’re trying to take notes and understand the concept and ignore the two people behind you who won’t quit talking during class.

I’m sure my German will improve this semester, and I’ll get better at understanding my professors better as time goes on.  There’s a German for Foreign Students class I’m planning on taking that focuses on being able to understand spoken German better, which I hope will help as well.  Until that all starts to click, though, I need to stay on top of my studying to keep up.


1 thought on “werkzeugmaschinen und industrieroboter: my first class

  1. I think a student deserves an “A” if they can pronounce the name of that class! It does sound like something you will enjoy! Let’s hope the “talkers” sleep in next time!

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