vibrations class (strukturdynamik)

Yesterday I had my first Strukturdynamik lecture.  The subject matter should branch off of a class I took at Virginia Tech two semesters ago, but the professor was speaking so quickly and racing through the powerpoint slides so fast that it was hard to keep up.

In addition to the language barrier, there was another problem:  The main lecture hall was overfilled.  This lecture actually has two rooms listed at the same time.  The professor lectures in the main room, and theoretically, the powerpoint presentation and the audio of the lecture should be broadcast to the other room.  This should prevent the university from having to have the professor in charge of teaching the class teach multiple sections of the class. (None of the lecture halls are large enough to hold nearly 1000 mechanical engineering students at once.)

I was fortunate enough to have gotten to class early enough to get one of the last seats in the room in which the professor was lecturing.  So I didn’t have to listen to the audio of the lecture cutting in and out partway through the lecture in the extension room!  Students started to come back into the main lecture hall after about half an hour of class.  The professor told them that there was another lecture hall available, and they responded that they had come from there and that the lecture couldn’t be heard in the other room.

Let’s hope that is just an easily-fixed glitch.  It’s hard enough to understand when I’m not fluent in the language.  But only time will tell.


2 thoughts on “vibrations class (strukturdynamik)

  1. Don’t worry Laura, You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you! I hope you get to be in the room with the real professor all the time. I think it would be hard to pay attention to an audio. Good luck!

    • Thanks Lyndee! Second day of class, and I was able to get a seat in the good room by getting there early. I hope I don’t have to deal with the audio, but God has it planned out somehow.

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