campus crusade for christ in germany

Last night I went to my first Großgedacht, which is the large-group meeting time for the Darmstadt branch of Campus für Christus.

Campus für Christus is the German extension of Campus Crusade for Christ, a Christian student organization I was a part of for a couple years at Virginia Tech. The German version is just as much focused on God and Jesus, but has a somewhat different flavor.  Still a great time of fellowship and fun, though!

The worship songs we sang were in either English or German.  (Some songs translate well, others don’t.  And some are written originally in German anyway.)  There were also powerpoints of what missions trips some group members went on over the summer, as well as announcements for events later this semester.

The message was fantastic.  The speaker, who is the girl to the left in the picture below, spoke about the Armor of God in Ephesians 6.  And, of course, as she mentioned the helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, the belt of truth, etc., she had one of the leaders of the group put on “armor” that was comprised of fireman’s equipment, tin foil, and other found items.

putting on armorI would say that the blurring is to protect their identities, but I actually just didn’t get a very good picture.  But the guy has a tinfoil breastplate, fireman’s boots, a fireman’s helmet, a blue trash can lid as a shield, and some kind of toilet paper holder (I think?) as a sword.  Even with all the humor, the message was great.  It was in German, so I didn’t catch everything, but still great.

I am so thankful that God got me connected with this group.  Before I arrived, I was nervous that I would have a hard time finding students who shared my beliefs, but judging by the number of people in the room last night, I have plenty of potential friends in this group!

campus fuer christus people!

The group, right after the Großgedacht ended.  Yay friends, and yay God for bringing us all together!


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