study plan: zeil mall in frankfurt

My study habits are kind of odd.  I find myself best able to study in locations that have a lot of background noise but no distinctly understandable conversations. That would explain why I did much of my homework and studying at Virginia Tech in the dining halls.  But for final exams, a bunch of other people got that idea.  So what did I do?  I studied at the mall in Christiansburg.  It was a twenty-minute drive from my apartment, but I got a lot of good studying done in the food court there.  Weird, but it worked!

Here in Darmstadt, I’ve realized that the dining halls may not be so good for my study habits.  They are closed on weekends and only open for breakfast and lunch on weekdays.  And even when they are open, the tables are set up for large groups, not for individuals on study marathons.  And the mall in Darmstadt has lamentably little seating, so for a while, I thought I would be stuck studying in my room all the time.

But I found a mall in Frankfurt I think I can study at. Frankfurt is an hour away from my apartment by streetcar and S-Bahn, but I can study on the S-Bahn too.

The mall itself is on the Zeil in Frankfurt. The Zeil seems to be Frankfurt’s shopping district.  The mall was a bit small compared to American malls, but it made up for it in visuals:

the distinctive glass vortex, as seen from the inside of the mallThat giant glass cylinder makes this mall easy to spot from the outside, since it is the only building with a giant hole going from the front glass wall to the glass roof.

And the seating is rock-garden inspired:

rock-garden inspired seating.  surprisingly comfy.It may not be Virginia Tech, and I may have to carefully plan out when I’ll come out here to study, since it is a two-hour round trip.  But I will be able to study here quite happily, I think.  Good noise levels, good seating, and great views for when I’m sick of Strukturdynamik and need a break.  (Oh, and retail therapy is a good remedy for being tired of studying.)




2 thoughts on “study plan: zeil mall in frankfurt

  1. that looks awesome! how was the H&M/other shopping there? I wish I could study in a mall but I know it would never happen. I don’t know how you do it 🙂

    • The shopping was pretty good. There were no H&M’s in the mall, but there were 3 on the Zeil street alone. The one I shopped in was pretty good, but the stock was about the same as the one in LuisenCenter. The Zeil mall had a Saturn, some clothing places, some sports clothing places, expensive ice cream and coffee, and a Rewe, plus other stuff. By that point in the day, I was more wandering around than shopping. Fun, though! We should plan some shopping trips in Frankfurt sometime. 🙂

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