sun sunday: karo5 and darmstadtium

sunrise about to break behind karo5 and the darmstadtiumLast week, I woke up early for a class that started at 8 AM.  Except the class didn’t officially start until this week, so I just ended up wandering around campus for a while around the time of the sunrise.  This picture is of the sunrise about to show behind Karo5 and the Darmstadtium.

Karo5 is short for Karolinenplatz 5, which is the address of one of the main academic and administrative buildings at TU Darmstadt.  The Darmstadtium is more of a city-center conference center.  I’ve only been inside Karo5 and not the Darmstadtium, but the buildings themselves both look cool.  The HOTEL sign is for the Welcome Hotel, which I have heard is pretty nice.  (For future reference, people who want to come to visit me 🙂 )



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