2 months

I’m having a busy week so far.  It’s the second week of classes here at the Technische Universität Darmstadt, which means that some classes are only just starting and some have yet to be scheduled.  And there are other administrative or general meetings to attend.  My weekly schedule is starting to work itself out, but slowly.

But I’m thankful to finally have a schedule. Something to keep myself busy on most days.  Some reason to wake up at a certain time (even if the reason is an 8:00 AM class) and some reason to do productive work.  Having free time is great, but I find myself happier when my schedule is full.

I’ve been here in Germany for two months now; today is the 61st day since I landed at Frankfurt Airport.  I’ve heard that four months is the typical time it takes for someone to fully adjust to living in a foreign country, and that certainly seems to be true.  I still get homesick, but I’ve figured out that I can love my family and miss living in America and still love America even if I find some aspects of Germany that I like.

This week, posts may be sparse, as I’m still figuring out what lectures and practice problem sessions I’ll be attending, and things will be a bit crazy.  And once things settle down, I may be posting more mundane stories, since I won’t have as much time to travel.  But the study abroad experience is about learning to live in a different culture.  Yes, it is partially about travelling, but after visiting a few cities, the cities start to all look the same; it’s who I get to know and what I accomplish here and what I learn about myself that matters most about my experience.

I’m making friends and starting to understand the German in my classes a bit better.  And it looks like both of those things will continue to improve, as I’m meeting new people nearly every day and getting in plenty of German practice.  I’m still very definitely homesick, but for two months, this isn’t a bad start.


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