halloween celebration at frankenstein’s castle

Last Friday night, some friends and I got to go to a Halloween party/haunted castle event at Frankenstein’s Castle in Eberstadt, which is a suburb of Darmstadt.

I dressed up as a Pac Man ghost. (Thank you, ThinkGeek!  Easy-to-pack costume for the win!  Though the shirt’s page has unfortunately been taken down.)

me dressed as a pac man ghost

<lawyer appeasement> By the way, I don’t own any rights to Pac Man or the ghost.  This is just a picture of me in my nice, easy-to-pack Halloween costume t-shirt. </lawyer appeasement>

The castle was decorated to an epic extent.  The picture yesterday didn’t show it as well as I’d like, and you really have to have been there.  But here’s another picture for ya.  (I say you have to have been there especially because I could not get many decent photos with it that dark outside.  But it was cooler in person than in photos, too.)

frankenstein's castle, lit up and decorated for halloweenThere were plenty of people running around in full-costume, some who were being paid to be there and freak out the guests.  Three separate times, a monster snuck up behind me, jumped forward suddenly–and mussed my hair.  So. Hilarious.  😀

And then this guy, who is taking a step up onto the sideshow stage…

costumed dude with horn who would honk the horn in people's ears


…would walk around in crowded areas and randomly honk the horn he has strapped to his chest right next to people.  Here, he is trying to get the sideshow audience to applaud on command.  (Again, sorry for the blurry pictures.  The light was bad.)

Some of the sideshows were pretty gruesome and took depressingly gory turns just when you thought the main characters would live happily ever after.  (Disclaimer:  the blood was fake and none of the actors got hurt.  The plays they put on were surprisingly death-heavy, though.)  But one of the sideshows, which I got to see performed twice, was really fun and had no gory details at all:

costumed characters dancing to thriller

A bunch of ghoulishly-costumed characters came out and danced for us!  They started with Thriller and moved on to some other nicely-choreographed dances.  Let’s see:  from this picture, in no particular order, there’s a zombie lady; a creepy clown; a mime in a jumpsuit; an orc knight; and a girl wearing ballroom attire, complete with mask.  I couldn’t figure out what the others were, and they are hard to see in this picture anyway.  But the dances were pretty sweet.

All in all, it was a good experience.  How many times in your life do you get to celebrate Halloween hanging out with Frankenstein’s Monster?

frankenstein's monster and me.  awww.

Now getting back to Darmstadt after the festivities ended was an entirely different story.  But the party itself was memorable, in a good way.


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