fall leaves

I’m about to have a busy day running errands, going to class, running more errands, and then going to Campus für Christus.  But I have been collecting pictures of fall over the past few days and thought today would be a good day to post a couple.

trees with yellow leaves on the way to the lichtwiese

yellow leaves covering the ground in an open area near the path to the lichtwiese

the church where the multi-congregation semester-beginning church service was held for students

So this last picture doesn’t have very many fall leaves.  (It has a few, so it counts as a fall picture)  🙂  This church was where a special church service was held where students could gather to celebrate the beginning of the semester, meet other students, and get encouragement and prayer.  I couldn’t understand the entire sermon, since it was in quickly-spoken German (what I’ve started terming FastDeutsch or SchnellDeutsch), but what I did understand was moving and encouraging.

Well, that’s it for today.  Enjoy the pictures of fall in Germany and enjoy the beautiful nature around you wherever you are!


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