sunday best: christmas market setup

Living in a city, I’ve realized that it is kind of hard to both coordinate my schedule around sunrises and sunsets AND account for all the buildings surrounding me always being in the way of sunrises and sunsets, so I’m changing my Sun Sunday posts of pretty pictures of the sun to just being Sunday Best, one (or more) of my favorite pictures from that week.

On Friday, I noticed a few interesting things on Darmstadt’s Marktplatz.

seems like someone is setting up a christmas market here.  interesting.  (I love how that man in the hat there just happened to stop right there when I was taking the picture.  I guess he thought he was stopping out of the camera’s field of view, but he actually just stopped far enough into the picture to look like he’s seriously contemplating the scene in front of him.)

Random passers-by aside, Darmstadt has officially started setup of the Christmas Market.  The Weihnachtsmarkt (that’s Christmas Market in German) doesn’t start until the 21st of November, but that really isn’t that far away.  Those little wooden stands will be selling food, drinks, and Christmas trinkets just a few days from now.

Another setup picture, this time of a giant 9-meter-high electric candle pyramid:

9-meter-high candle pyramid on marktplatzA candle pyramid is a decorated candle holder similar to the above.  The rising heat from lit candles situated in or near the candle pyramid spin the vanes on top, which causes the carved people and animals inside the pyramid to spin around.  Darmstadt had this gigantic electric one made for its Weihnachtsmarkt.

One of my favorite places in Darmstadt at night is Marktplatz.  The buildings are beautifully lit, and it’s fun to walk around and window shop at the lit storefronts after dark while waiting for a streetcar.  Now, it’s even more fun, with Christmas Market stuff to look at.  It’s not lit up yet, but it sure is pretty!

marktplatz by night, with christmas market decor

Oh, and there’s a giant Christmas tree on Marktplatz now as well.  It’s only half-decorated at this point, I think, but it’s beautiful.  The statue underneath the tree is a permanent fixture of Marktplatz, generally surrounded either by kids playing around or herds of pigeons.  Gives a sense of scale to this gigantic tree.  In fact, I can walk under the tree while still having to reach up and stretch to touch the lowest branches!

the giant half-decorated tree on marktplatzI have been looking forward to the beginning of Christmas Market season since I got here, and I plan on posting a lot more pictures of it once it has opened, so be sure to come back for more!


3 thoughts on “sunday best: christmas market setup

  1. Christmas in Germany! It sounds like such an exciting time! That tree and the candle pyramid–incredible. The candle pyramid will be really interesting when it is functioning, but that tree–is it just standing there? I can’t see any support for it!
    You are really going to get some wonderful pictures this season! Thanks for sharing them!

  2. That is the ultimate in candle pyramids! Wow! Remember how disappointed we were not to find any in Frankenmuth? No problem! Now you’ll get to see how they work in grand scale. Wish we could be there to see it with you. Love you lots! xoxoxoxoxox

    • I will be sure to get pictures of this giant candle pyramid for you when it’s lit up! And by the way, there were TONS of candle pyramids in Heidelberg for sale! Heidelberg’s Altstadt portion kind of reminds me of Frankenmuth, in a way. It’s like Christmastown. There’s normal souvenir shops mixed in as well, but Heidelberg is very scenic and Christmassy. There’s one store in particular I think you and Bob will love! Can’t wait to show you!

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