collecting travel ideas

I’m still homesick.  A lot of you have responded with encouragement and suggestions and new perspectives on my time here, and I appreciate that so much!  Thank you guys!  ❤

I’ll be going on a retreat this weekend with Campus für Christus, and I’ve been kind of low on blog-post-inspiration material recently, so we’ll see whether I can get anything together to schedule for while I’m away.  The retreat center apparently does not have any internet access, or at least not for guests.  So if I don’t post for a few days, maybe I’ll come back from the retreat with pictures or stories for next week.

For the moment, I just wanted to put up a request for all of you:  where should I visit this year?  I don’t know when I will have time to travel very far, since my classes aren’t easy and since the break between semesters is filled with exams, studying, and probably work on my Bachelor’s Thesis, but if I’m staying in Europe for two semesters, I at least want to get in some sightseeing before I go home for good in July or August of next year.

Questions I’d love to see answered in the comments:  Which sights and cities are worth visiting?  Which aren’t?  Any events I should try to go to?  Any places you know of in Europe that are particularly beautiful at a certain time of year?  I have a map of Germany on my wall and sticky notes marking places I want to visit, but it’s looking a bit sparse right now.  🙂  (Destinations outside of Germany are possible as well, though less probable.)



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