fun friday: broadcast system test and melty-bead mario

I’m kind of scatterbrained today, since I’m doing last-minute packing for the Campus für Christus retreat I’m leaving on later today.  But I found a couple funny videos on Youtube that I can share.  They are both really random, but being scatterbrained right now, I’m posting them anyway.  🙂

The first is a test of an Emergency Broadcast System.  The song gets a little tiring after a while, but it’s fun for the first minute or two.  If you find the visuals annoying or offensive, I suggest you start this video to get the music going and immediately scroll down and start watching the video of a pretty screensaver below it instead.




The screen saver is included on all new Macs and is called Flurry, by the way.

I’m including this next one out of geekiness. It’s a stop-motion video someone made of melty beads.  Of Mario. Running around and beating Mario-game baddies in his/her house.  Pretty amazing, and I’m sure it was a LOT of work!  

Enjoy the videos and enjoy your weekend!



2 thoughts on “fun friday: broadcast system test and melty-bead mario

  1. Have been enjoying your messages. Sounds like you have a lot going on. I told your mom that if you need a place to visit in Germany, the Glockenspiel in downtown Munich is magnificient but you have to get there at the right time, noon I think. It is a major attraction that we caught the tail end of and wished we had witnessed the whole event. Also, close by Zugspietsch(?) Mountain is a breathtaking view from the top. If you go out on the ledge at the top there are no handrails so it’s just you, the air, and God.

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