the retreat

As I mentioned earlier, I went on a retreat last weekend with Darmstadt’s Campus für Christus group.  I was homesick during most of it, but that didn’t stop me from making new friends or having fun.  Here’s an overview:

this is the building we stayed in.

This is the building we stayed in.  Pretty nice, and large enough to host thirty college students on a retreat.

this is the main gathering room, as viewed from the stage.  This is where we ate, had worship services, did bible study, and played games.

This room is where we spent most of the weekend.  This is where we ate meals, held worship services, did Bible study, and played games.  We even attempted to line dance in here at one point, but the room was a bit small for all of us, so we all just ended up running into each other and laughing. But that’s fun too.

one of the games we played.  the organizers of the game times were very creative!

For the main game time, we were divided into teams, and each team sent one or two team members to compete with the other teams’ representatives in mini-games.  The winner of each mini-game activity got points for his or her team.  This particular mini-game involved a pair of pantyhose, a roll of toilet paper, and bottles.  With the toilet paper pushed all the way down to the toe of the pantyhose, the person playing this game had to put the panty hose over his or her head and use only the toilet paper roll to knock over all the bottles.  As you can imagine, it was hilarious to watch.

this was the view from the window of the room I stayed in.  beautiful town.

When the worship and Bible study and games were over for the day, we all went back to our rooms to sleep.  I shared a room with three other girls, and this was the view from the window.  Such a beautiful little town!

the view down the street from the retreat center

Another view of the neighborhood.

All in all, it was a good time.  It was hard to be so disconnected from home for a weekend–we had no wi-fi and we barely had cell reception–but I made a lot of new friends and got to know some other people better.  But I’ll talk more about the people I met tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “the retreat

  1. Glad you were able to go on retreat. Been praying for you. Hang in there sweet sistuh! btw… just getting caught up on your stories. I especially liked the one about learning from mistakes. Hope your Thanksgiving is good. Won’t be long til youre home for Christmas!

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