sunday best: frankfurt christmas market

I went to the Frankfurter Weihnachtsmarkt on Friday!

My friends and I enjoyed some good fair food (gebrannte Mandeln, aka roasted almonds, and Käsewurst, or cheese sausage on a bun).  We also partook (is that a word?) in Glühwein, a special spiced mulled wine served at Christmastime.  I generally don’t drink, but thankfully, my blood sugar was stable enough that I was able to enjoy a mug of wine without my blood sugar going crazy.

glühwein stand with heaters nearby.  the warmth was welcome!

This Glühwein stand owner was smart and had heaters positioned near the tables.  (Note:  Germany in November is cold.)

some of the weihnachtsmarkt by twilight.  pictures don't do it justice.

The Weihnachtsmarkt looked its best once it started getting darker outside.  The lights, the festive decor, and the general atmosphere turned Frankfurt’s usual historic beauty up a few notches.

the giant christmas tree in front of the römer, a well-known building in frankfurt

Most Weihnachtsmarkts have a giant Christmas tree somewhere.  The Christmas tree for the Frankfurter Weihnachtsmarkt was right in front of the Römer, a Medieval building in Frankfurt.

There were a lot of different foods and products for sale at the Weihnachtsmarkt.  The selection was more commercial and touristy than what is available in the Darmstädter Weihnachtsmarkt, but it was still fun to walk around and look at things.  Here are a few of my favorites:

look to the left: beautiful chocolates.  now look to the right.  looks kind of like groceries, but it is candy.

This candy stall was selling beautiful chocolates (left side of picture) and candy shaped like groceries (right side of picture).  Click the picture to zoom in; the details on the food-shaped candies were pretty amazing.

stand selling candle pyramids, aka kerzenpyramiden

This stand was selling wood-carved Kerzenpyramiden, or candle pyramids (or, according to Wikipedia, Christmas Pyramids).  The candles at the base of the candle pyramid burn, and the rising heat turns the vanes at the top, which causes a cute little carved scene to spin around.

coolest way to cook wurst ever: giant 1.5-meter diameter grill that swings and spins freely hanging over a firepit.

This is possibly my favorite way to see wurst grilled ever.  The large 1.5-meter-diameter grill was suspended from the ceiling of the wurst stand.  Underneath this free-swinging, free-spinning monster of a grill was an open firepit.  Epic.  There was an even larger one elsewhere in the Markt, but I couldn’t get a good picture of it.

I hope you enjoyed my little tour through the Frankfurter Weihnachtsmarkt!  Stay tuned in throughout December, as I plan on hitting a couple of other Weihnachtsmärkte this month 🙂


2 thoughts on “sunday best: frankfurt christmas market

  1. An iPhone made of candy! And were those sandwiches wrapped in cellophane really candy? Somebody went to a lot of trouble! I’d love to visit a market there someday! Thanks for sharing this!

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