wok recipes in control systems class

Today in Systemtheorie und Regelungstechnik (my Control Systems class), the professor wrote “WOK Rezept” as the heading for the notes he was writing out.  That translates to “WOK recipe,” and I thought it was funny, so I drew you a picture.

wok recipe drawing

(please pardon the rushed handwriting and my mediocre art skills. The first I blame on taking notes in a foreign language. The second has no real excuse, but doodling in my notes is fun, so too bad 🙂 )

It turns out he was talking about WurzelOrtsKurve, or root-locus plots.  And here I thought we were about to get a primer in Asian cooking.  But the pun made class more fun and made the concept more memorable.  I love it when professors come up with good ways to remember things!



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