fun friday: mall santa musical

To be honest, I was worried I wasn’t going to have anything to post today.  I’ve been studying a lot for the upcoming Strukturdynamik midterm (since the German semesters run from October to March and April to August).  I also have a particularly busy study-break day today, with an early appointment at the alien’s office to turn in a bit more visa paperwork, a trip to Frankfurt to go to a Messe (which is like a fair) on the subject of machining for a class, and then a trip in the other direction to Heidelberg to visit the Weihnachtsmarkt there.  Should be fun, but I’ll be zonked tonight.

But thanks to Improv Everywhere and the email my Youtube subscription to them sent me this morning, I have this video to show.  It’s a song about how no one is too old to sit on Santa’s lap at the mall.

Doesn’t watching this sort of video make you want to go out to your nearest mall and burst into song?

Happy Friday!


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