fun (with mistranslation) friday: power poems

I’m currently studying for my first Strukturdynamik (Vibrational Mechanics) exam, which happens on Saturday.  …Ok, I’m currently writing a blog post, but much of this week has been studying.  Details, details.  Anyway.

Last week, the professor gave a list of topics that would be covered on the test.  One of the topics he mentioned was Leistungsdichte.  I don’t think we’ve ever used Leistungsdichte in homework or had an example of it, but it’s in the textbook somewhere.  But I didn’t know how to use them or what they even were.

I didn’t think I needed to look the word up in a dictionary.  After all, I knew that Leistung means power, and I figured that since some equations that have specific names end in the word Satz, which means sentence, I thought that this was a similar case.  The word Gedicht means poem, so maybe since the word Leistungssatz was already in use as the name of equations that calculate power, they decided to stick dichte on the end.  Power poems.  Sounds pretty fun, right?

I finally went up after class on Wednesday and asked a TA for clarification, mentioning at the beginning of the conversation that I was an exchange student, so I might have missed some details due to the language barrier.  He showed me where in the book the relevant equations were found and clarified the terms used, and then said that, in English, Leistungsdichte means Power Density Spectrum.

Good to know.  I still think Power Poems sounds cooler, though.  🙂


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