sunday best: darmstädter weihnachtsmarkt

So I recently realized that I have never showcased the Darmstädter Weihnachtsmarkt when it was actually open.  And now that my Strukturdynamik exam is over, I have a few minutes to show off where I’ve been doing some of my Christmas shopping this month. 🙂


like the other christmas markets i've been to here, the darmstadt christmas market has a large candle pyramid.  i love seeing it all lit up.

Darmstadt has a candle pyramid, like the other Weihnachtsmärkte I’ve been to.  This one is unique in that it is not also a stand from which to sell Glühwein or food; it’s just there to admire.  At 9 m high, there is a lot of it to admire!  Beautiful!

the giant christmas tree on marktplatz.  it is huge, and the lowest branches are high enough off the ground that i can stand under it with at least half a meter between the top of my head and the lowest branch.

This is the giant Christmas tree on Marktplatz.  It is a real tree, and it is so tall that the lowest branches on the tree are over half a meter above my head when I am standing under it.  It appears to be kept upright by wooden wedges holding it in a trunk-sized hole in the pavement stones that I am assuming exists solely to hold the giant Christmas tree every year.

a view of some of the stands selling food and glühwein, along with another view of the candle pyramid

This is a view of some of the stands at the Christmas market that sell food and Glühwein, as well as another view of the candle pyramid.  Since this picture is the view from the back of the Weihnachtsmarkt, you can see the Schloß in the background, which is across the streetcar tracks from Marktplatz.

I have lots more pictures, but alas, not enough time.  I will soon be heading to the Nürnberg Christkindlmarkt, which is apparently the largest, busiest Weihnachtsmarkt in Germany.  The trip to and from Nürnberg will apparently take seven hours for just a few hours in Nürnberg, but the visit will hopefully be long enough for me to know whether I want to go back and visit the Christkindlmarkt in some future year.  And I’ll try to get more pictures, of course! 🙂


2 thoughts on “sunday best: darmstädter weihnachtsmarkt

  1. Darmstadt should hire you to encourage tourism in their town! It really looks like a wonderful place! Have a fun trip today!

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